Dead Goose Society Romanian BFPU AK-47 7.62×39 Rifle (SharkFin)


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Romanian Military Parts Kit
Lee Armory Enhanced Receiver
– X, Y Full Auto Embossed Markings
– Rails corrected to prevent Bolt Carrier Jump
– CNC Drilled Trunnion Holes
– CNC Drilled Scope Mount Holes
– Selector notch for Semi Auto
– Morrissey Variance, Properly Heat Treated Receiver.
– 4150 Vanadium Steel Barrel
* Nitrided at 1200 Degrees
– DLA-AK Russian Spec Rivets
* Domed, Flush Rivets
– Tapco Enhanced Trigger
– 1 Magazine
– BFPU Finish
– Wood cleaned, Shark Fin Foregrip
– Limited Lifetime Warranty
– RS Regulate Mount Compatible


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